"Human capacity is challenged, the human condition, can you spare me a moment? Zaida Oenema (Groningen, 1980) makes her drawings with full concentration and extreme precision. She uses pencil and biro, but also scalpel or soldering iron on paper in rhythmic, meticulous physical actions. The result provides fascinating spectacles of movement, light, structure, texture. You will experience the rhythm of her breathing as it were. You may feel the blood flow in your veins. For a moment it seems that you can enter her intimate work process and disappear in her world. Hold your breath and create a moment of silence. When you breathe deeply, you’ll find yourself in immense vastness. It sounds like a whisper of a gentle breeze in a visual play of floodlight. Because what you see here is not the usual, you feel that it requires a certain dedication to be involved in this, a mysterious urge to make these works. The answer is not yet available. Just listen to the wind. Feel your own breath. Look at the light show. Move your body. And experience to be there."
F&F, gallery Helder

curriculum vitae

2007-2009 Post St Joost, Master Photography, Breda (MFA degree)
2000-2004 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, Photography (BFA/HBO degree)
1999-2000 Artacademy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen, illustration (propadeuse)
1997-1998 Ålands Folkhögsskola, Åland, Finland, ‘konstlinjen’ (art and Nordic crafts), degree

Now & Soon
2019 (group) Drawing Festival, at Gallery Helder, The Hague 12 Okt - 09 Nov 2019
2019 (group) Ex-Mekh-live, at Quartair, The Hague 4 Okt - 6 Oct 2019
2019 (duo) Art on Paper, with Gallery Helder, Amsterdam 26 - 29 Sept 2019
2019 (group) PICK ME!, WeLikeArt @ Collectie de Groen, Arnhem 14 Sept - 23 Dec 2019

2019 (group) Contemporary Contemplations #5, ACEC Apeldoorn 11 mei - 23 juni 2019
2019 (group) Drawing Online, Galleryviewer / gallery Helder 5 april - 5 mei 2019
2019 (group) KunstRai, Amsterdam / gallery Helder 17 - 22 april 2019
2019 (group) Contemporary Contemplations #4, PHK18, Rotterdam 20 jan - 29 maart 2019
2019 (group) We Like Art, Art Rotterdam, van Nelle factory 07-10 february 2019
2018 (group) Contemporary Contemplations #3, Kunsthaus Erfurt, DE 07-9 / 02-11-2018
2018 (group) Papierbiennale, Museum Rijswijk 12 juni - 7 oktober 2018
2018 (group) Contemporary Contemplations #2, Projectraum Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 27 - 29 July 2018
2018 (group) Contemporary Contemplations #1, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 10 maart - 8 april 2018
2018 (group) Kunstparade, guest artist at gallery Untitled, Rotterdam 7 - 10 feb / - 30 maart 2018
2017 (group) Secret Postcard sale, We Like Art, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, 15 - 29 Dec 2017
2017 (group) Big Art, De Zonnewijzer, Herengracht 182, 12 - 15 Oct 2017
2017 (solo) Stilte in Beeld, Den Haag 16 Sept - 14 Oct 2017
2017 (group) Art Rotterdam, Up Memory Lane, 30 Years of Berry Koedam, RAM Rotterdam, 08 Feb - 12 Feb 2017
2017 (group) We Like Art, Rotterdam, 08 Feb - 12 Feb 2017
2017-2016 (duo) The Sound of Silence, exhibion with Lenny Oosterwijk at Untitled2011, Rotterdam, 01 Nov 2016 - 03 Feb 2017
2016 (group) Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam,26-30 Oct 2016, Amsterdam-Noord
2016 (group) ArtTheHague , artfair 5-9 Oct 2016, Fokker terminal The Hague
2016 (group) Up Memory Lane RAM 30 years (part2), exhibion at RAM, Rotterdam, 28 Aug 2016 - 22 Oct 2016
2015 (group) VBCN- 10 jaar jong, exhibion at VBCN Open, Amsterdam, 18 Dec 2015 - 17 Jan 2016
2015 (solo) Born of Concentration,Solo at RAM, Rotterdam, 8 Nov 2015 - 11 Jan 2016
2015 (group) De Waarde van Kunst,exhibiton & educationproject
by art-platform de Meerse, Hoofddorp (Okt-Nov)
2015 (group) Art Fair BLOOOM, Colonge, Germany at gallery Untitled
2015 (group) ZomerSalon, gallery deCompagnie, Dordrecht
2015 (group) Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, gallery Untitled, Rotterdam
2014 (group) Art Rotterdam, gallery RAM, Rotterdam
2014 (group) Raw Art Fair, gallery Untitled, Rotterdam
2013 (group) The value of Art, RAMfoundation, Rotterdam
2013 (group) Art & Language Tour / Poetry International Festival, Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam
2013 (group) Route du Nord, Zomerhofkwartier, Rotterdam
2013 (group) Raw Art Fair, Pakhuis Santos, Rotterdam
2012 (group) Happening at the Kunstvlaai, Beatrixpark Amsterdam with the Malieveldinitiatief
2012 (group) Making Room, alumni exhibition Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague
2012 (group) Différentes Dimensions III, RAM-groupexhibition Salernes, France
2012 (group) summerexhibition 4 de Korenbeurs Schiedam, Schiedam
2012 (duo) Betwixt and Between, Galerie WithTsjalling, Groningen
2012 (group) screening ‘Lunch’ Galerie de Pieter, Leiden
2011 (group) Art Amsterdam at RAM / booth 44
2009 (solo) ‘Tabletop-presentation’ at STROOM Den Haag
2009 (group) Small Works XIII, RAMfoundation, Rotterdam
2009 (duo) Fail Again Fail Better, MK-galerie Berlin
2009 (duo) Lunch, Ha Ha and Other Works, RAMfoundation, Rotterdam
2009 (group) Yangzhou, a portret of a city, travelling exhibition trough Brabant
2008 (group) presentation ‘Lunch’, Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam
2007 (group) Whatever happened to...? Prijswinners STROOM-price for up and coming artists 2001-2007
2007 (group) I.dentity, Stichting KOP, Breda, with Sylvia Korving
2007 (group) TussenStaat - Bouw in Beeldprice, NAi Rotterdam
2005 (group) Seminar Continental Art Centre en the European Academy for Culture and Arts, in het SBI te Doorn, Nederland
2004 (solo) Boer Berend installation during the Crossing Border festival, Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag
2004 (group) De keuze van…, Lily van Ginneken (Stroom - centrum beeldende kunst Den Haag), STROOM-price for up and coming artists
2004 (group) Het grote wachten/ asielzoekers, Final exam work, KABK, Den Haag
2004 (group) Het grote wachten/ asielzoekers, screening Final exam work, Filmhuis zaal 5, Den Haag
2004 (group) Risico, Verbond van Verzekeraars, KABK, Den Haag
Publications / Articles
2019 Interview with Els Drummen, Art-advisor NN-Group on June 13 2019 Het Parool
and a longer article on Gallery Viewer.
2018 Interview by Walter van Teeffelen for Den Haag Direct
and If then is now. and also on the Spanish website Marbella, for arts and culture.
2018 Catalogue-text of the Rijswijk Paper Biennial 2018. Author: art historian Frank van der Ploeg. (as download in Dutch/English)
2018 Article on my work by Alex de Vries for Mr Motley (read online in Dutch).
2017 Interview We Like Art (read online in Dutch).
2015 Article by Menno Vuister on my work shown at RAM with Born of Concentration (as pdf- 61kb, in Dutch).
2013 Haagse Kunstkalender 2014
2013 MAGAZINE DH/// Stroom Den Haag, Interview and showcase work in section talent under 35
2012 Haagse Kunstkalender 2013
2011 Essay in What’s Up’, 2011_nr:8, By Kees Koomen on my work, p.31-32
2009 ‘In Beeld’, (with ‘Cake’ - 2008) NRC Next, 23 juni 2009
2009 ‘Cairo, Umm Iddunya’, (paper) AVK St. Joost Breda, p.4-5, edition 5000
2008 ‘Yangzhou, een portret van een stad’, (boek) AVK St. Joost Breda, p.64-96, edition 1200
2008 ‘Teheran’, in Next.One 003, July 2008 (magazine NRC.Next), p. 44/45 en 53
2007 Tussenstaat’ - Bouw in Beeldprijs, NAi, Cobouw 31-0-2007, by Bart Mullink
2007 Catalogus GebouwGezichten, Bouw in Beeldprijs, NAi en Ballast Nedam (edition 300)
2003 Verbond van Verzekeraars, nominees of the Verbondsprice, year-report 2003
2003 ‘I was here’ magazine, with Sabine Verschueren and Aya Caspel, KABK, The Hague
2012 Spot subsidie, Stroom Den Haag
2009 Participation Dutch-Doc, promotion of Dutch Photography regarding the world-expo in Shanghai, China. dutch-doc, Fonds bkvb
2009 Nomination Live -pitch for ‘Call Slovakia’, artist in recidence, Fonds bkvb
2009 Material grant, for graduation show MFA by Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude te Den Haag
2007 Participant Bouw in Beeldprice 2007
2004 Stroom-price for up and coming artists 2004
2004 Nomination Young Talent Art-Olive
2003 Nomination Fotoprice Verbond van Verzekeraars
2010 Januari Kosmopolis Den Haag; cooperation with Petar Todorov. Presentation of work at the PI-prison in Schevening, The Hague from 1-14 march
2009 Summer Assistent filmmaker/artist Jeroen Kooijmans for video-installation The Fish Pond Song II, Hungary
2008 Summer Assistent filmmaker/artist Jeroen Kooijmans for video-installation The Fish Pond Song II, and ‘In den beginne’ assigned by SM’s Den Bosch, Nederland
2004 Present Working as freelancer on a more or less regular basis for the Gemeente Museum The Hague as photographer and prepress editor of images, for catalogues.
2004 Present Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, ICN Amsterdam, Gemeente Breda, Stichting Kop Breda, Movisie Utrecht, Private assignments